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Our story began not a few months ago or a few years ago, not in college or even in high school. We first met in 1977, at the ages of five (Randy) and three (Natalie). You see, we grew up together -- as best friends. Through the early years of pre-adolescense, the awkward adolescent years, the tumultuous high school years and the chaotic days of college -- we always had each other to lean on, to laugh with and to share our experiences. Our families became one extended family. We shared vacations together, holidays together; we served and ministered in our church together.

Sharing a passion for music and singing, we formed a vocal ensemble gospel group and sang side by side together. Our friendship, admiration and respect for each other grew with every passing year.

But the Lord had even bigger plans. Twenty-five years later, in 2002, our friendship deepened as never before. Our conversations became more frequent. The Lord had placed a deep love in each of our hearts for the other, but we supressed our true emotions behind our relationship as friends.

Finally in January of 2003, we couldn't deny how we truly felt any longer. We shared with each other our feelings and our hearts. Miracles can indeed happen. Friendship can, in fact, transform to love. We were engaged on February 13th, 2003, and on January 3rd, 2004, we will joyfully echo those words, "Today, I will marry my best friend."

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